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Infinity Solo Light Commercial Hot Water Storage System

Infinity Solo Light Commercial Hot Water Storage System

Infinity Solo - Gas fired storage water heaters 

Rinnai has revolutionised the way hot water has been supplied ever since we launched the first fully electronically-controlled gas fired continuous flow hot water system. The infinity series always deliver a continual flow of hot water for our customers needs and has been hugely succesful.

The infinity series  of condensing and non condensing water heaters now has a extended line-up including the Infinity Solo gas fired storage water heater. In addition to the existing product range, designed to be the ideal hot water system for Light Commercial requirements, where services may limit the use of continuous flow hot water system.

Rinnai's Infinity Solo gas fired storage water heaters consist of a highly efficient Heavy Duty continuous flow water heater with a heavily insulated stainless steel storage cylinder. The combination of condensing continuous flow water heaters with a storage cylinder allows for short periods of peak hot water use.

The Infinity Solo can be used for not only the Direct to Outlet system, but also Secondary Return system that distribute the hot water around a building. Infinity Solo will deliver a constant output temperature of 60°C, satisfying requirements for the prevention of legionella.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel cylinder with high termal efficiency and Ultra Low standing heat loss
  • Highly efficient continuous flow water heater is used as the heating booster
  • Rinnai Patented Lean-rich Low NOx burner (Solo20 & Solo32 only)
  • Compatible with Renewable heating source through the renewable pipe in the cylinder (Solo20 & Solo32 only)
  • Industry leading higher modulating ratio
  • Compact design for the limited space
  • Inbuilt lime scale detector
  • Inbuilt immersion heater for the emergency backup
  • Easy fault diagnostics via Status monitor
  • 10 years cylinder warranty (subject to terms & conditions)
  • Condensing water heater
  • Ideal for temporary or emergency hot water

Download Information on the Infinity Solo gas fired water heaters below;

Infinity Solo 32 Specification Infinity Solo Range Brochure


Spec Solo32
Input Gross Hs Max 59.5kW
Min 2.8kW
Input Gross Hi Max 53.6kW
Min 2.6kW
Gas Consumption Natural Gas (G20) 5.7m³/h
LPG (G31) 4.2kg/h
Output Max 56.0kW
Min 2.3kW
Efficiency Gross Hs 94%
Nett Hi 104.50%
Max Flow Rate ∆T50°C 1262 ltrs/h
∆T50°C 16 ltrs/min
Continuous Flow Rate ∆T50°C 962 ltrs/h
Storage Recovery Time ∆T50°C 19 Mins
Standby Heat Loss kWh 2.3
Nominal Operating Water Pressure bar 3
Maximum Water Pressure bar 10
Minimum Water Pressure bar 1
Maximum Setting Temperature °C 85°C
Frost Detection °C -15
Flue Size mm 80/125
Max Flue Run (Concentric) m 15
Cold Inlet Connection BSP 1"
Hot Outlet Connection BSP 1"
Gas Connection Diameter BSP ¾"
Power Consumption Normal 99W
Standby 2W
Freeze Protection 218W
Storage Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 300 L
Dimension Height 1570mm
Width 620mm
Depth 900mm
Weight Empty (approx.) 90kg
Full (approx.) 390kg

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