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Infinity 11i & 17i

Flue Kits for Infinity 11i & 17i (A Series)

Adaptors :

AWFDC-02 : Standard Adaptor 

AWFDC-01 : Extension Flue Adaptor c/w Condensate trap

all 11i & 17i (A) Series heaters must be fitted with a AWDFC, when using flue extensions use AWFDC-01 with condensate trap 

Flue Kits : 

AWF50-01 HD55i Horizontal Flue Kit  (VRM) length 53cm ex terminal 
AWF50-07 HD55i Vertical Flue Kit (VRM) length 49cm excluding terminal 

Extensions and ancilleries : 

AWF50-05 500mm Flue Extension (Can be cut to required length)
AWF50-06 1000mm Flue Extension 
AWF50-03 90° Flue Elbow Male/Female 
AWF50-02 (1 Pair) 2 off 45° Flue Elbows Male/Female 
AWF50-14 Siphon Pack for Condensate Trap 
AWF50-10 Roof/Attic Pipe clamp 
AWF50-12 Stand-off Pipe Clamp 
AWF50-08 Flat Roof Flashing Plate 
AWF50-25 Ubiflex Universal Tile (15-55 degrees)       
AWG-02 Water Heater Terminal Guard 

*It is imperative that the correct flue components are used with the appliances - if in doubt call us on 01928 531870 to discuss more.