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Rinnai Offers Seaview International Holiday Park A Sustainable Perspective

Rinnai Offers Seaview International Holiday Park A Sustainable Perspective

June 25th, 2020

Four-times winner of the AA Campsite of the Year accolade, Seaview International Holiday Park at St Austell in Cornwall boasts exceptionally high quality shower blocks with a supply of never-ending hot water, courtesy of Rinnai’s condensing Infinity HDC1500i continuous flow LPG water heaters. 

And the holiday park is seeing significant savings on fuel since it changed over from its previous stored hot water system.

The five-star holiday park, which provides pitches for tourers through to luxury lodges, extends over 30 acres and is just 10 minutes walk from sandy Hemmick Beach. For its touring customers, who enjoy sea and countryside views from most pitches, the provision of first class showering facilities is of paramount importance so they will be happy to learn that Seaview International has been awarded a series of Loo of the Year Awards. They will also be pleased to hear that the showers will never run out of hot water, even at the busiest times, thanks to Rinnai Commercial water heating solutions.                                                                  

Rinnai had been in contact with World Team owner of Seaview International under its Southwest Holiday Parks umbrella for some time and quoted for a new shower block. A chance visit coincided with the breakdown of the old hot water storage system. The wheels were swiftly put into motion and local installer MR Parsons St Austell was called on to install four Rinnai Infinity HDC1500i Continuous flow internal water heaters, which were delivered next day ready to be run on LPG. 

The Park has seen a considerable reduction in running costs and an improvement in the delivery of hot water provisions ensuring customer satisfaction with holidaymakers -more than 1500 at any one time in peak season.

The Rinnai Infinity Commercial water heater gives a constant flow of safe hot water at the chosen temperature. Operated by smart inbuilt controllers, this ensures that the water heaters deliver temperature accurate hot water eliminating the risk of scalding in instances where the units are used on a secondary return.  The temperature can be set above 60°C and will not change-thus helping guard against legionella.  

The intelligent Rinnai water heaters ensure that there are no sudden changes in water temperature via the smart inbuilt controllers and thermistors. So, for example, in direct to outlet systems, if somebody is showering at, say 42°C, and a tap is turned on elsewhere, the temperature will not vary. As a failsafe, the unit will automatically cut the heater should the temperature rise by 3°C above the chosen set point.                                                            

According to Martin Parsons, the holiday park’s decision to install the Rinnai units instead of replacing with a like-for-like storage system immediately started paying dividends: “It was just getting on for six weeks since the installation that I spoke to the owner of Seaview and was told that they were already seeing savings. Like many busy holiday home sites they tend to top up with LPG and apparently the delivery guy said he couldn’t find room for more than a 20 per cent top up. So already the holiday park was saving money.”

Says Seaview’s Sarah Goodwin: “we have had no complaints about the showers. There’s been no running out of hot water, the temperature is perfect and the hot water flows as soon as the shower is turned on. As well as showers, we also have three baths in the block and no problems at all. In fact, people from the luxury Paddock area have been coming down to use the showers in the new block. We are now hoping to update the Paddock area shower block and put Rinnai units in there, too.

“As for savings, I can’t give you a detailed breakdown of figures as we have the swimming pool and other areas served by the same LPG tank but I can say when the LPG tanker came to top up, which he does weekly, on two occasions in peak time he didn’t top up at all. And obviously the great thing with the Rinnai units is when they are not being used they will also be saving on energy because they will not be heating up any stored water.” (With hot water storage systems, large amounts of hot water need to be heated and stored in the event that it might be used).

“I estimate we have seen a drop in energy consumption of 20-25 per cent which can only be attributable to the new shower block.”

“Rinnai also score massively when it comes to maintenance,” says Parsons. “As long as the sites maintain the electricity to the units at the end of season (infinitesimal amount needed) and they are drained down properly they simply fire straight back up again. With other stored systems we often have to do a lot of work on them, get new parts and even replace them altogether. Rinnai Infinity units are a brilliant solution. A lot of my work is for holiday parks and they really are the ideal system for that application.”

Both Rinnai Infinity HDC1500 internal and external models give an energy performance of 105 per cent net efficiency* giving considerable cost savings over other forms of non-condensing water heater, and are easily manifolded, with the added advantage that with a common flue header there is no need to knock through walls to accommodate separate flue headers (or give up valuable space to install a cylinder).

“The Rinnai units are very easy to install and if I spent the rest of my working life hanging Rinnai water heaters on walls, I would be a happy man,” concludes Parsons.

* In accordance with BS EN 677

** All Rinnai water heaters are available in both natural gas and LPG, and are ideal also for temporary or emergancy hot water ** 

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