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Rinnai: Hot water temperature precision is ‘paramount’

Rinnai: Hot water temperature precision is ‘paramount’

September 4th, 2020

Rinnai says hot water temperature precision and control are major factors in the design, specification, and installation of any hot water delivery system – with the increased risk of Legionella in systems following the lockdown.

Reports have also emerged from certain industries – such as laundry for healthcare and care homes – that the temperature of the hot water is critical to the cleaning and disinfecting process to render the possibility of transmitting the coronavirus as near to zero as possible.

Chris Goggin, Rinnai Operations Director, said: “At a time when the need for clean and sterile indoor environments is paramount, we must re-consider the design of the provision of hot water services which incorporate heat engines to provide large volumes of hot water and provide hot water at the precise temperature needed.”

The benefits of temperature control are not new – in the world of building services, for example, it is well understood for anti-Legionella regimes. 

All hot water delivery systems in any commercial or institutional sites should have certain measures and procedures carried out in case of potential Legionella spread during the lockdown. These must be made before the system is made live.

ACOP L8 guidelines, produced and published by the Health & Safety Executive, list the details and necessary procedures to ensure system cleanliness. According to ACOP L8, continuous flow direct to outlet systems are low risk for Legionella, due to it allowing for a full turnover of water volume, no stored water and accurate temperature control.

Chris Goggin says: “The necessity to design hot water systems at a set point greater than needed to satisfy Legionella concerns, or temperature loss fears, or to build in shunt pumps to continually pump water round an unoccupied building to prevent stratification, raises the real question that any user, designer, consultant or manufacturer must ask: ‘Are we using the right system for the right job?’

Next day deliveries 

Rinnai’s range of units give instant and constant flows of hot water for hygiene and cleaning use in any commercial or institutional sites such as all healthcare, care homes and mobile hygiene, including any new or planned sites.

If there is a constant supply of gas and water, the Rinnai units are guaranteed to supply temperature accurate hot water in unlimited quantities for all hygiene regimes in all types of healthcare sites or temporary accommodation.

Rinnai’s complete range of hot water heating units is available for next day delivery on orders placed before the previous midday.

The range of units can be manifolded to supply, limitless hot water to a school site of any size.

This means fast, efficient, temperature-controlled water on demand at the point of delivery – kitchens, showers, accommodation blocks, bathrooms, washrooms.

It also means far less space spent on plant rooms and no or little maintenance as all units are proven to be robust with a long, long working life.

** As well as Commercial water heaters Rinnai UK also supply a wide range of direct gas fired multipoint water heaters and heating systems. all of our units are also ideal for temporary or emergency hot water **

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