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Rinnai Winter Survival Kit

Rinnai Winter Survival Kit

Some of our lucky customers will be receiving a Rinnai Winter Survival Kit! Selected by random..

Inside the kit you have the Rinnai Beanie to keep your head warm; a Rinnai Mug to ensure you can keep your vital organs warm with a tasty brew and a Rinnai USB Power Bank so that if the world freezes over you can still keep up to date with your loved ones or more likely keep up with social media.

Don't have an account with Rinnai UK but would like the Rinnai Winter Survival Kit then just share our post on Facebook or Twitter say 3 things you like about Rinnai in that post and Inbox us personally with your address to get a chance of receiving the Survival Kit before they run out!

Got your beanie already then take a picture with your beanie email it to to win more goodies this Christmas.