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Rinnai multipoint offers an infinity of savings for stylists

Rinnai multipoint offers an infinity of savings for stylists

October 5th, 2015

Rinnai’s Infinity 16i gas fired multipoint water heater is perfectly placed to meet the hot water needs of all small to medium sized retailing businesses, such as hairdressers, in providing a constant flow of cost effective safe hot water with precision temperature control, eradicating temperature fluctuations and unhappy customers.

Importantly, this unit could save 53% of the price of utilities. For example, to serve two hair wash stations, in a comparison of the Rinnai 16i with an 11.5kW under sink electric water heater with flow rate at 30°C rise offering 40°C at tap showed 5.51/min for the electric version and 13.4l/min for the Rinnai. Consequently two electric heaters would be needed while the Rinnai 16i would happily deliver for both stations.

Calculations based on an average tariff at February 2013 for electricity at £0.0145 per kW and gas at £0.048 per kW allow running costs per minute to be broken down thus: based on a an 8l/min shower head per sink the electric heater would cost 0.028p for one sink and 0.056p for two while the Rinnai delivers and impressive 0.13p for one sink and 0.028p for two. These calculations would cost an average seven-minute wash and rinse at 0.196p using electricity and 0.091p for the Rinnai, giving the gas-fired appliance a distinct advantage with a cost saving of 53 per cent per hair wash.

The Rinnai 16i allows water temperatures to be pre-set through easy-to-use built in digital controls, eliminating the risk of scalding and eradicating the need for thermostatic mixing valves.

Weighing just 18kg and measuring less than 675mm high and with a width of 139mm the Infinity 16i with its proven energy saving attributes is a perfect solution for hairdressers.

The Rinnai Infinity multipoint range is designed for use directly off the mains, with no need for large, ungainly storage vessels. In hairdressing operations these heaters are the best of all possible options; storage systems, by virtue of their design are unable to cope with modern hot water demand, as the recovery times are often longer than the period of use.