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Rinnai Multipoint LPG water heaters - going green in the Valley

Rinnai Multipoint LPG water heaters - going green in the Valley

October 2nd, 2015

When Carla McHugh, owner of Glyngynnd Cottages near the picturesque little Welsh town of Llandiloe in Powys, needed a boost to her hot water provision she called on Rinnai, the expert in Caravan Park water heating.

Carla needed to have her holiday cottages ready for the influx of visitors expected over the summer and autumn but she had one big problem – an antiquated hot water system that did not produce enough hot water for all her guests.

After being told about Rinnai by the service engineer, who also told her current system was unfixable. Carla contacted Rinnai via ‘help me choose’ on the Rinnai website, asking: “We have five holiday cottages with water heaters between them which need replacing. Which of your continuous flow water heaters would you recommend? Could we put in one water heater to service them all?”

The query sent Rinnai area representative Martin Embley to investigate. “I found two water heaters supplying four cottages which were running out of water when demand was high. Carla wanted a system that would stop this happening but she was also tight for space.”

Glynnydd Cottages comprises five self-contained holiday-let cottages, Nestling on the easterly slopes of an unspoilt valley, Glyngynwydd Cottages stands in 12 acres of land which includes woodland, a wildlife pond, meadow, relaxing gardens, stream and dingle for guests to enjoy.

“As one might expect in a setting like this, the site is off-grid so an energy efficient LPG instantaneous water heater was needed,” says Martin, who suggested installing four Rinnai Infinity 17e externally mounted multipoint water heaters direct to outlet and supplying each cottage with a luxury hot water supply to service the cottages individually – never running out of water. The water heater is capable of flow rates of up to 510 litres per hour at a 50°C rise.

The Rinnai Infinity 17e tankless multipoint is designed for use directly off the mains, with no need for large, ungainly storage vessels. Weighing just 18kg and measuring 675mm H x 370mm W x 103mm D the Infinity multipoint 17e has been developed to allow maximum flexibility as it can be easily mounted on an external wall thereby eliminating the need for flueing and freeing up valuable interior space. The next thing was to find an installer and Martin suggested Ken Hughes Plumbing and Heating of nearby Llandovery who has had experience fitting the water heaters before.

“After logging my query online, Rinnai got in touch the same day, It was a good idea to install individual water heaters as if we had just had one for all the cottages, if that went down we would have had no water at all" Says Carla.

“We have had no complaints since the Rinnai multipoint water heaters went in. The temperature never varies, the fifth cottage has just been refurbished and we will be putting a Rinnai unit in there too.” Environmental considerations are important to Carla who says “the Rinnai units only use gas when the water is turned on which is good for saving energy. And, because the Rinnai units are renewables-ready, we are considering the option of adding solar thermal”

The Rinnai Infinity range of continuous flow gas fired water heaters and multipoint water heaters have been engineered specifically to guarantee the highest efficiencies and therefore offers the lowest running costs of any commercial water heater. The multipoint range also boasts A ratings across the board under ErP.

The Rinnai Infinity range delivers a system that guarantees a constant flow of safe hot water at precisely the chosen temperature. There is no danger of scalding as sudden changes in water temperature are eliminated via the digital temperature controller.

Installer Ken Hughes says: “The water heaters are working really well in the four cottages and we are just about to do cottage five as well. As for Carla, she concludes: “We are pet friendly here and the children love running around feeding the pigs and chickens so things can get a bit mucky. In our first year in business we have had some happy guests who want to come back again to nice hot showers.”

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